LIA Chinese Creativity Team

Gordon Tan - Partner, Asia
JinJu Wu -Chief Representative, China


The LIA Chinese Creativity Show was conceived and launched in May 2017.

The brainchild of Gordon Tan and JJ Wu; it aims to provide a platform for Chinese language creatives worldwide to showcase their work and talents.

Gordon, a multi-award winning creative himself in the 1990s, believes it is time to expose and honor excellent Chinese language creative works and talents. LIA being a well-respected Global Award Show is a perfect fit!

Jinjun, who has been involved with the creative community in China and lectures at Chinese Universities for past 12 years, sees this as the best way to share with the western world the best of Chinese creativity.

It is the first such platform in the world, as it is part of the London International Awards Global Show. Every year a carefully curated group of Jurors who are Chinese language proficient are selected from all over the world to judge the Chinese Creativity Show. The judging is held at the same time as the Global Awards.

The best works are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze. The winners will receive the renown beautiful LIA statue coated in brilliant red with Gold , Silver and Bronze base, which is equivalent to a Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Global show.